The Product Design Sprint

“At Detroit Labs, we use design sprints–pioneered and proven at more than a hundred companies by Google–to answer your most critical business questions. We give you space and tools, and facilitate a weeklong series of structured activities designed to define a testable and attainable goal, explore and choose a solution, then prototype and test that solution with real users to gain valuable insight and feedback. Every sprint starts with a big challenge, a team of people, and an open calendar.”

Crain’s Notable Women In Tech – Erika Languirand

“On August 13th, 2018, Crain’s Detroit Business released a list of Detroit’s most Notable Women in Tech. We are excited to finally be able to share that Erika Languirand was named to the list!”

Forget RxJava: Kotlin Coroutines Are All You Need. Part 1/2

“Although RxJava is a powerful library, it is not meant to be used as a tool to manage async work. It is an event processing library. It is already common we use Single to represent a result of a network operation, which can be resolved to some value or fail.”

TIL: About Operator Overloading in Kotlin and the Invoke Operator

“It doesn’t require any extra lines of code, it supports and highlights the responsibility of a single action for your class, and it reduces verbosity at the call site.”

Getting Started with React – an Overview and Walkthrough

“An overview and walkthrough of fundamental React concepts, such as components, state, and props, as well as submitting forms, pulling data from an API, and deploying a React app to production.”