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Design Sprints: A Detailed Look At Your Week

The classic 5-day design sprint -- originally pioneered by Google -- starts with a problem, a team of people, and open time on a calendar. The goal is that, by the end of the week, your team will have mapped out a prototype that has been tested on core users,


Monday Mobile Mashup 8.27.2018

The Product Design Sprint “At Detroit Labs, we use design sprints--pioneered and proven at more than a hundred companies by Google--to answer your most critical business questions. We give you space and tools, and facilitate a weeklong series of structured activities designed to define a testable and attainable goal, explore


The Product Design Sprint

Quickly solve big problems and test new ideas It starts with a problem. You want customers to be able to buy your product faster. You want to connect databases so stakeholders can make clear business decisions. You have a vague idea of where you want to be next year and


Building Better Products Faster with Design Sprints

If you’ve ever built a software product, you probably had to go through a process that looks something like this: Write a detailed list of requirements. Hand off the requirements to a designer. Develop, then launch the product some months later. This traditional approach to product development can make