Proof of Technology

Use design thinking and prototyping to validate new ideas and tackle technical roadblocks

A Proof of Technology is an 8-week exercise of research and prototyping to help validate new ideas and take advantage of emerging technologies. Proofs are a perfect starting point when diving into an unfamiliar tech stack, tapping into emerging technology, or identifying and providing solutions to existing tech-based problems.

The structured approach of a proof of technology means your time and money is invested wisely. Together, we’ll quickly come to understand your objectives and produce demonstrable work you can pitch to stakeholders.

Kickoff & Design Sprint

We’ll meet to understand the project’s background and objectives and then jump right into a Design Sprint to clarify the motivation, constraints, and goals that will guide our exploration.


With a clear understanding of objectives and constraints, our team will become subject matter experts–or work with them–to understand the ins-and-outs of the chosen technology.


Early in the process, we’ll acquire necessary hardware or software and form initial hypothesis through simple prototypes and preliminary solutions.


With research in hand we begin the task of physically assembling hardware or building custom software.


We’ll test and demo the implemented solutions with you to determine success, discuss project risk, and detail our findings.


You get thorough written report containing high-level summaries and concrete recommendations, and any software prototypes we developed.

A Proof of Technology can solve many of the technical challenges you face. Let’s talk about how one might help you push your idea forward.