A Proof of Technology delivers a prototype, data, documentation, and expert recommendations in just 8 weeks.

Proof of Technology

Eight weeks to innovation.

In eight weeks, we work with your team of experts to create and continuously test hypotheses, documenting each approach. In the end you’ll have hard data stating if, how, and why your technical solution will work, allowing you to confidently get buy-in from stakeholders.

Kickoff & Onboarding

During Week 1, our teams will come together for project kickoff and a mini design sprint to get everyone focused on the right idea.


Our Discovery Phase is where we start to unpack the parts of the problem, gain access to your systems, interview your experts, and make sure everything is technically set to start researching.


Research is where we dig into the problem and get to know every piece of our puzzle and gain a solid understanding of where we need to start building.


With everything at our fingertips and proper research done, we start down the road of build, test, and iterate. Each outcome will determine how we continuously move forward.


After building and testing and continuously improving, we tie our work back to what we have learned and built providing clear and reasonable answers to the primary questions.

Building a product or solution that meets entirely new requirements calls for a lot of discovery. Instead of committing a full team and budget to an undefined project, we dig in, continuously test, and prove what is and what is not going to work for you. Confidently present solutions for stakeholder buy-in armed with prototypes, user testing data, expert recommendations, and robust technical documentation.

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