Detroit Labs is a team of thinkers, doers, and makers. We dream up and ship beautiful, intuitive apps. We can do it for you. Let's get down to business.

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Ship It. Ship It Real Good. 

Developing apps is what we do at Detroit Labs. All we do. But we aren't a typical software development company. We are entrepreneurs and leaders; dreamers and doers; left-brain and right-brain thinkers. Yes, we live and breathe technology, but most importantly, we are innovators. 

Watch this short video to see what we did with Chevy for the Superbowl.

We do mobile strategy, app development, app design, and more.  We'll dream the biggest dream with you, figure out how to make it work, and deliver beyond your wildest expectations.


The Detroit Labs Way

We pride ourselves on our ability to demonstrate value early and often, continuously incorporate new learning and feedback, mitigate delivery risk, and deliver innovative, highly desirable mobile experiences. 


Got a great project?  Get in touch with us!  Want to join us?  Learn about Detroit Labs and say hello!