Last week of Women’s History Month Although it’s the last week of March, it’s never too late (or too early!) to revisit our International Women’s Day (March 8) video. We asked several women at Detroit Labs, "What do you think has helped you succeed as a woman in tech?" Check it out.   Falsehoods Programmers Believe about Names “As a public service, I’m going to list assumptions your systems probably make about names.  All of these assumptions are wrong. Try to make less of them next time you write a system which touches names.”     Falsehoods Programmers Believe about Time “I have seen so many of

Hello! We would like to take a break from our regularly scheduled Monday Mobile Mashup to bring you highlights of Women’s History Month, with a focus on women in STEM. Simply stated, Women's History Month is a celebration of women's contributions to history, culture, and society. We will post our own content throughout the month of March, so stay tuned!   How Grace Hopper Laid the Foundation for the Information Age “Grace Hopper was a pioneering force in Computer Science and was recognized as such even while she was alive, so we wanted to look back at how her work developing programming

Black History Month Confessionals Playlist A collection of confessional-style videos where team members talk about Black History Month.   The New Design Frontier “An industry-spanning report that redefines design maturity today. InVision surveyed thousands of companies to explore the relationship between design practices and business performance. Explore the highlights here, and download the full report now to transform the way you work.”   Alissa Briggs: Constructing Better Designer-Developer Collaboration “One of the most important things for designers is to have a strong collaborative partnership with engineers. No great design work happens without that partnership being in place.”   Apple Design Resources Updates to Apple Design Resources.   Expanding Target API Level Requirements

Hello there! Welcome to the Monday Mobile Mashup where we share tips, tricks, articles, Labs news, and things we are reading or watching about the industry. Enjoy!   A Virtual Crash Course in Design Thinking “Through this experience, we hope you will take away some of the basic principles of Design Thinking and start to adapt them into your personal and professional routines.”   Can't Unsee Debug designs and select which one is most correct!   UX Tools See how UX tools rank against each other in different scenarios (prototyping, handoff, etc.) based on a designer survey.   10 Year Challenge: How Popular Websites Have Changed “I thought I would look

While we made predictions about what we would find at CES this year, what we came to realize during the actual show is that our favorite products and reveals had little to do with the tech. It wasn’t the advanced technology that drew us in -- it was the design. More than that, it was incredible attention to solving a problem and building a product with the user in mind. Here is a recap of our personal favorites that we felt modeled excellent design thinking.   You have a vision for what you want your product to be. We can help you

With Katrina Ohlemacher   And you may find yourself in a beautiful house With a beautiful wife And you may ask yourself, well How did I get here? Sometimes I really do take a second during the day and wonder about the circumstances that brought me to the QA team at Detroit Labs. When I was a little kid, I was sure I was going to be a Broadway star, and when I was a little older, “Jurassic Park” had me convinced I’d make a great geneticist. Well, I can kind of sing, but I can’t dance. And there are a lot of required math courses that

Hello there! Welcome to the Monday Mobile Mashup where we share tips, tricks, articles, Labs news, and things we are reading or watching about the industry. Enjoy!   Java Apprenticeship Week 2 Confessionals   Dan Ward CES 2019 Recap   Why I've Stopped Exporting Defaults from My JavaScript Modules “After years of fighting with default exports, I've changed my ways.”   Breaking the Test Case Addiction Part 1 “The obsession with procedurally scripted test cases is painful to see, because a mandate to follow a script removes agency, turning the tester into a robot instead of an investigator. Overly formalized procedures run a serious risk of over-focusing testing and testers

Hello there and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Welcome to the Monday Mobile Mashup where we share tips, tricks, articles, Labs news, and things we are reading or watching about the industry. Enjoy! Java Apprenticeship Week 1 Confessionals Meet our newest class!   Lessons Learned in Software Development   An oldie but a goodie -- Henrik Warne's lessons learned over years of programming.   Apple - Upcoming Changes for Organization Teams “Starting February 12, 2019, managing your organization’s team in the Apple Developer Program will be simpler. Teams will be unified across the Apple Developer website and App Store Connect, with one team and one set of

Well hello there, stranger. Welcome back to the Monday Mobile Mashup! As the first post of 2019, we’re pretty excited to see what this year brings. We just got back from CES, where we got to see a lot of really cool products that may or may not actually be sold, and a lot of companies focusing on how technology can make our lives and the world better. We have a few videos and some blog posts to kick us off. Keep an eye out for our recap in the next week or so.     CES 2019: 4 Things to Look For