Hello there and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Welcome to the Monday Mobile Mashup where we share tips, tricks, articles, Labs news, and things we are reading or watching about the industry. Enjoy! Java Apprenticeship Week 1 Confessionals Meet our newest class!   Lessons Learned in Software Development   An oldie but a goodie -- Henrik Warne's lessons learned over years of programming.   Apple - Upcoming Changes for Organization Teams “Starting February 12, 2019, managing your organization’s team in the Apple Developer Program will be simpler. Teams will be unified across the Apple Developer website and App Store Connect, with one team and one set of

Well hello there, stranger. Welcome back to the Monday Mobile Mashup! As the first post of 2019, we’re pretty excited to see what this year brings. We just got back from CES, where we got to see a lot of really cool products that may or may not actually be sold, and a lot of companies focusing on how technology can make our lives and the world better. We have a few videos and some blog posts to kick us off. Keep an eye out for our recap in the next week or so.     CES 2019: 4 Things to Look For

  Well 2018, we met, we got to know each other, and it’s time that we part ways. But not before we look back on our favorite parts of you -- your kind eyes, your winning smile, and your sweet, sweet tech. We polled the entire Detroit Labs team to find out what our mates liked best this year in accessibility, UX, apps, games, wearables, and more. Red Dead Redemption 2 - Video Game

Hunting for a job in the software world can be a lot. It starts with the pressure of tailoring a resume that makes you look perfect for the position. Next, you need to craft a cover letter that makes you sound eager but not voracious, confident but not cocky, experienced but not overqualified. We take a nontraditional approach to hiring here at Detroit Labs. As one of our founders, Nathan Hughes, laid out in this 2015 piece for Corp! magazine, we don’t accept resumes from prospective team members. Instead, we ask applicants to fill out a series of essay questions (we

Our flights are booked and we will be heading out to CES in January! As we pack our bags (and extra battery packs), we’ve been researching trends and figuring out how these announcements will affect the market. There’s a lot to dig through, to be sure, so we’re going to drill down and talk about things we are passionate about: incredible product and user design, accessibility in technology, connected healthcare, even smarter smart homes, and enhanced auto tech. If you’re overwhelmed, we can help you make sense of the tech for your business. Here are four things you should look

Happy Monday! Here’s our weekly Mobile Mashup filled with articles, tips, and insights we’ve found valuable throughout the mobile industry. Making Android Accessibility Easy (Android Dev Summit '18) Introducing SourceKit-LSP “As recently announced by @akyrtzi, we have been working on a new language service for Swift and C-family languages based on the Language Server Protocol (LSP). I am excited to say that the source code for SourceKit-LSP is now available on GitHub! While the new language service is still in early development, we are making it available today to continue its development in the open. Check it out at https://github.com/apple/sourcekit-lsp!” Droidcon NYC

Android Dev Summit Announcements! Get Your App Ready for Foldable Phones “As you may have heard from the Android Dev Summit, we announced that we're expanding support in Android to include Foldables, in preparation for upcoming devices from hardware partners like Samsung. Here are a set of recommendations and information to make sure your application provides a great user experience on this new form factor.” Single Activity: When, Why, and How Switching gears to our friends at Apple…. Supporting New iPad Pro Models “Apple announced two new iPad Pro models this week. It was not much of a surprise that they follow the iPhone X design.

We wrapped on Detroit Labs Apprentice class Zeta last week (11/2/2018), and we are so proud of them. This class was recruited and trained to work for Detroit Labs as iOS developers, where they learned the basics of Swift over 12 weeks. They worked in groups, individually, supported each other as a team, and cheered each other on as they took their final assessments. In the past, we have gotten a lot of questions about what it’s like to go through the program, what sort of hardships and successes Apprentices can expect, and the kind of work that goes into

In 2011, our founders had a wild idea: create a technology company focused on human elements where people would love to work. The goals were pretty simple: build high-quality software; have the freedom to learn, teach, and explore new technology; and give every team member visibility into the business and a voice in company decisions. Since 2014, we have run five developer-focused Apprenticeship Programs and one QA-focused program that started from an equally wild idea: what if we found individuals with the will and desire to make a drastic change and hire, pay, and teach them, from scratch, the skills we

Build your own Octocat As if all of the variations of the Octocat weren’t enough entertainment. How I Made My Treadmill Desk Labs developer, Daniel Kaspo, made a treadmill desk at home! Lucky for us, he documented his whole process. Happy walking and coding, Daniel. Watch How I made my Treadmill Desk from NessDan on www.twitch.tv Is Your Product Designed to Be Calm? A Scorecard for Creating Human-Centered, Anxiety-Free Solutions While every product comes with its own unique considerations, there are some clear-cut calm design principles that largely hold true for most products. As a way to start, consider taking this Calm Design quiz (still