Domino's partnered with us to build the app that made mobile a pivotal part of their profit. 

Domino's app: ecommerce done right

Domino's is a world-renowned pizza delivery company that excels at sending custom pizzas fresh out of the oven directly to doorstep. They’re much more than just a pizza company, though--they’ve made strides in their business by capitalizing on emerging mobile technologies. As development partners, Detroit Labs brought our substantial mobile expertise to the table to make mobile into a pivotal piece of Domino's’ income. 

How did we do it? By building smart apps that better remember a customer and their preferences, dramatically reducing the amount of time it takes to place an order. The Domino's app allows customers to store addresses, credit cards, favorite orders, and more, essentially personalizing the app to each user. In as few as five clicks, customers can put their order in.

The numbers speak for themselves: the Domino's’ mobile apps bring in 10% of the company's US revenue, and have earned an average rating of 4.9 stars with over 300,000 reviews in the App Store and Google Play. With Detroit Labs on as a partner since 2011, Domino's has tapped into the mobile market, and their business has prospered as a result.

The Domino's app can't just be boiled down to a series of numbers, though. We like to tell an additional story. One about how we partnered with Domino's to do what we do best--build quality apps in step with developing mobile technologies--to help Domino's do what they do best--serve up deliciousness and happiness, all in one.

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