On January 3rd, we hosted an Apprenticeship Open House for those who are interested in the program. Much to our delight, when we sent out the Eventbrite link in early December, we sold out in less than 24 hours. We wanted to make sure that anyone who was interested would be able to get the information shared at the event, so we taped it.

We hope to announce another apprenticeship soon. In the meantime, check out our blog, subscribe to the Apprenticeship newsletter for updates on future open house events, and watch the videos below to see what happened!

1. What were you doing before the apprenticeship? Did you have any experience with programming or technology?

2. What was the interview process like for you guys? Why did you say yes to coming through the program?

3. What was it like to be an Apprentice? What was the experience like? What were some of the challenges you encountered?

4. What was your favorite thing about being an Apprentice?

5. How has your career change impacted your life? Is your life different? How?

6. What do you think makes a successful Apprentice? What do you think it takes to succeed in the program? What advice would you give to somebody who is considering becoming an Apprentice?


Question and answer segment


7. What is Apprentice work-life balance like?

8. What are you looking for in an Apprentice?

9. What is life like after the Apprenticeship?

10. What about flexibility and pay?