Monday Mobile Mashup 4.17.2017

Happy Monday! Here's our weekly Mobile Mashup filled with articles, tips, and insights we’ve found valuable throughout the mobile industry. Enjoy!

8 Benefits of Agile Software Development

“In a previous post, What Is Agile Software Development?, we discussed a number of benefits to using an agile process to manage software development projects. In this post, we’d like to expand upon these benefits and illustrate why they are compelling reasons to consider Agile.”

5 Reasons Why Your Android App Should Not Mirror Your iOS App (and Vice Versa)

“When creating an Android app, ‘just make it match the iOS version,’ is one of the scariest phrases that a client can say to the team designing and developing their mobile app. Over time, Android and iOS users develop expectations as to how their apps will behave and how they interact with them. To make one platform act like the other only confuses and alienates your users, resulting in negative app store reviews and app deletion that directly affect your bottom line. Sure, the overall look and feel should be similar, but actions that users make within your apps should behave like the platform they use. We took a Labs poll to find the top reasons why side-by-side comparisons of iOS and Android apps won’t help you.”

17 Xcode Tips and Tricks That Every iOS Developer Should Know

“Here at Detroit Labs, we are no strangers to battling the mighty, mighty Xcode, and wanted to share our battle stories with you! After polling the Detroit Labs iOS developers, here are 17 of our favorite Xcode tips and tricks.”

4 Takeaways from Google's Women Techmakers Summit

“Last weekend I attended Google’s Women Techmakers Summit in Chicago, the last stop on their celebration tour of Women’s History Month. It was a day-long conference filled with speakers, panels, and a workshop, all led by women who actively work to make a difference in the world, specifically through the STEM fields.”

Motor City CocoaHeads April Meetup: Advanced Dates and Times in Swift

“As a developer who’s been bitten time and time again by Daylight Saving Time and related bugs, by now you’ve mastered the art of wrangling dates and times in Swift. Or have you? This talk will cover some of the more inscrutable topics of dates and times: how many seconds are there in a particular year? How do I get a notification to fire at exactly 9:00 AM on the user’s phone? What if my user isn’t using the Gregorian calendar and I want to draw a calendar? In this talk, we’ll cover all this and more, drawing on the Swift standard library and Apple’s system SDKs to manipulate the very fabric of time itself… or at least it’ll feel that way by the time we’re done.”

QA in Production

“Things always go wrong in production, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It’s an opportunity to learn about your system and the real world with which it interacts. With the right production monitoring tools and a good Continuous Delivery pipeline, you can build a set of feedback mechanisms that help you find out about issues as they happen and ship fixes quickly. Adopting production QA (Quality Assurance) practices can help you gain a richer understanding of the real issues your system faces and learn new ways to improve its quality.”

Swift: When to Use guard vs if

“The difference is a bit subtle, but it is there. guard should be used when certain values are expected to be present for the function to execute as intended.”

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