What’s a Senior Engineer’s Job?

“[I]nstead of talking about the attributes that a senior engineer has from Allspaw’s post (which I totally agree with), instead I want to talk here about the work that a senior engineer does.”

Designing for Accessibility

“It’s a challenge as a designer to think like someone with a different background — even more so if you are considering the disabilities someone deals with on a daily basis — but it’s essential for software creators to make sure everyone has access to the internet as a resource. ‘The Web is used not only for receiving information, but also for providing information and interacting with society. Therefore, it is essential that the web be accessible in order to provide equal access and equal opportunity to people with disabilities.’ (WCAG)”

Xcode 10 Library Tips

“Have you been wondering what happened to the media library since you migrated to Xcode 10? Is the object browser annoying you by disappearing every time you use it? Here are some quick Xcode 10 library tips to restore your calm.”

Making Space For Dynamic Type

“I am a big fan of dynamic type. It makes me happy when I use an App that supports my preferred text size. The problem is that supporting dynamic type is extra work. In this post, I look at the Apple Settings screen for Larger Accessibility Sizes as a case study in how to adapt an interface to make space for dynamic type.”