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Making Android Accessibility Easy (Android Dev Summit ’18)

Introducing SourceKit-LSP
“As recently announced by @akyrtzi, we have been working on a new language service for Swift and C-family languages based on the Language Server Protocol (LSP). I am excited to say that the source code for SourceKit-LSP is now available on GitHub! While the new language service is still in early development, we are making it available today to continue its development in the open. Check it out at https://github.com/apple/sourcekit-lsp!”

Droidcon NYC 2018 – Coroutines by Example

Gradle 5.0 is out today!


5 Digital Transformation Trends for 2019

“Look for quick wins, layer them up and enable digital leaders to build on them. “That path to doing that is sequencing, and each needs to pay for itself,” Bonde says.”