Well hello there, stranger. Welcome back to the Monday Mobile Mashup! As the first post of 2019, we’re pretty excited to see what this year brings. We just got back from CES, where we got to see a lot of really cool products that may or may not actually be sold, and a lot of companies focusing on how technology can make our lives and the world better. We have a few videos and some blog posts to kick us off. Keep an eye out for our recap in the next week or so.  


CES 2019: 4 Things to Look For

CES is huge, and we knew going into it that it’s easy to get sidetracked by all of the different areas of products, services, etc. We decided to focus on accessibility, healthcare, smarthome, and automotive tech releases. Keep an eye out for our full recap in the next week or so. For information about what we saw, check out our Instagram.


Dan Ward: Heading to CES


Dan Ward: Accessibility and Smart Home


Dan Ward: Healthcare and Automotive

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