White wall with sticky notes from design session

Black History Month Confessionals Playlist

A collection of confessional-style videos where team members talk about Black History Month.


The New Design Frontier

“An industry-spanning report that redefines design maturity today. InVision surveyed thousands of companies to explore the relationship between design practices and business performance. Explore the highlights here, and download the full report now to transform the way you work.”


Alissa Briggs: Constructing Better Designer-Developer Collaboration

“One of the most important things for designers is to have a strong collaborative partnership with engineers. No great design work happens without that partnership being in place.”


Apple Design Resources

Updates to Apple Design Resources.


Expanding Target API Level Requirements in 2019

“Today we’re providing more information about the Google Play requirements for 2019, and announcing some changes that affect apps distributed via other stores.”


The Right Way to Lead Design Thinking

“Enduring the discomfort of design thinking is worth it, because great new possibilities for change, improvement, and innovation can result. The truth is that the same aspects of design-thinking methods that make them difficult for employees to handle are also the source of their power.”


Dan Ward – Stop Logging Me Out!