Iterative Projects: How to Be Successful in Increments

“Business ideas are exciting because we can see that they have the potential to make great change. The problem is when you don’t know if that idea is realistically, technically… possible.

The good news is that there are concrete ways to actually figure out if your great idea is viable. At Detroit Labs, we work with clients to create a Proof of Technology to do just that. We conduct introductory research that can save time and money, providing clients with actionable data to make an argument — to leadership or investors — for change.”


Use App Feedback to Make Your Product Better

“I am always inspired when I see companies truly listen to their customers and change something that caused or contributed to the bad experience. Oftentimes you will see people leave a follow-up review highlighting that an issue was fixed. This is key; it shows others that you care and that you have a living, breathing product that likely will not go away the next day.”


How My Life Experiences Made Me a Better QA – Part 2

“I noticed that preventing issues was something I enjoyed. In every position I held, I became very good at recognizing problems and addressing them. I think this is why quality assurance was an instant fit for me. For this post, I’ll speak to some traits from Part I that, although great for my career progression, did not prove to be great for my mental health.”


5 Common Mistakes When Using Architecture Components

“Subtle oversights with more or less serious consequences – even if you’re not making these mistakes it should be worth keeping them in mind to avoid running into some problems in future. This article covers:

  • Leaking LiveData observers in Fragments
  • Reloading data after every rotation
  • Leaking ViewModels
  • Exposing LiveData as mutable to Views
  • Creating ViewModel’s dependencies after every configuration change”


What’s the Relationship Between Firebase and Google Cloud?

“If you’re a mobile app developer, I imagine there’s a good chance that you know something about Firebase, Google’s mobile application development platform. Or, if you’re an enterprise systems developer, you might know something about Google Cloud Platform (GCP), a broad suite of products and services that host your data and code at a planetary scale, and more. While both platforms can be used without knowledge of the other, there are some ways in which they overlap.”