Google I/O 2019 Forecasting

Google I/O 2019 is coming up next week (May 7 – 9 in Mountain View, California) and we are so excited that we are scared. Ok, more excited than scared. I’m mostly trying to figure out what dessert starts with Q. Anyway, here’s our Monday Mobile Mashup where we share articles, tips, and tricks from our industry with you.

The Top Android Q Features You Should Know

“So what are the standout Android Q features worth knowing? We’ve got you covered with our round-up! Do note that we’re focusing on features that are either confirmed by Google or don’t require any extra tweaks to use.”

Google I/O: Smart Home Announcements We Expect from the Conference

“While a new smart display with an embedded Nest Cam could highlight this year’s smart home announcements at I/O, I also expect Google Assistant Connect will lay the groundwork for the company’s smart home future. Google will no doubt have several prototypes to demonstrate its capabilities along with dedicated sessions teaching developers what they can do with Connect.”

Android Q Beta Is Available Now with New Features for Google Pixel

Many updates, but specifically, “Foldable screen support: Android Q lets developers manage how their app is displayed on foldable and large screens. This includes everything from how apps are resized to how apps are muted when not active.”

And also this…

“Limit location sharing: You have more control over location settings and permissions. When prompted to give apps permission to see your location you can choose: never, only when the app is running, or all the time — even in the background. So if you are using a rideshare app you can let it track your location while it’s in use, but forbid the app accessing your location data when not.”

2019 Google Play Awards Nominees Announced Ahead of Google I/O

A lot of great apps, but what I found interesting was a focus on awarding apps based on accessibility and experience.

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