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Tech Talk: We Love You, Spring Boot 🌷🥾

“Detroit Labs developers Janani Subbiah and Bryan Kelly talk about how we’ve taken advantage of Spring Boot to speed up the process of creating apps.”

Three Things We Loved from the Google I/O 2019 Keynote

“Did you see anything that you’re wanting to apply to the apps your working on?”

Google I/O Predictions, Hopes, and Dreams from Detroit Labs Developers

Using our 20/20 hindsight glasses, we can see that a lot of our dreams came true!

Building a Proof of Technology: Three Ways You’ll Benefit

“As an organization, you are always looking for ways to innovate and bring new ideas to market fast. But the desire to move quickly can often lead to wasted time and money. So, how do you act decisively while keeping up with the rapid pace of technology?”

Resume Writing 101: How to Slay Your Résumé

“Many of us feel that if we can just get to the interview, we’ll be able to shine. This makes writing a compelling resume even more important. It can be incredibly challenging to write your story in a way that feels honest while showcasing your skills. There are countless resources out there for writing the ‘perfect’ resume, which can be very helpful — but it’s easy to get overwhelmed with information.”

Proof of Technology Engagements: What Happens in Eight Weeks?

“Recently, Terry shared his secrets for creating a successful proof of technology. Today, I’ll explain how our eight-week Proof of Technology engagements are structured to support that exploratory process and allow us to consistently provide valuable results.”