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Monday Mobile Mashup

Happy Monday! Here’s our weekly Mobile Mashup filled with articles, tips, and insights we’ve found valuable throughout the mobile industry.

WWDC 19 | 5 Things We Loved from the WWDC Keynote

“When the iPhone first came out, it was easy to gloat about having the best smartphone around. As time has passed, Android has gotten better and better and even started to close the gap between the two platforms. However, this year at WWDC, we were reminded of the question, ‘Is it better to be first or best?’”

7 Absolute Truths I Unlearned as Junior Developer

“In reflecting on this first decade of getting regularly paid money to type weird symbols into my Terminal, I wanted to take some time to share some of the ways my thinking shifted over the years as a developer.”

What’s New in Xcode 11

“Start the week with a tour of new features in Xcode 11, designed to help you get from idea to product faster than ever. Discover new ways to edit and organize your source code, new capabilities for designing and previewing user interfaces, and great improvements for debugging and testing. Get an overview for sessions covering developer tools this year.”

On Being a Senior Engineer

“I think that there’s a lot of institutional knowledge in our field, especially about what makes for a productive engineer. But while there are a good deal of books in the management field about ‘expert’ roles and responsibilities of non-technical individual contributors, I don’t see too many modern books or posts that might shed light directly on what makes for a good senior engineer.”

Adding Drop-in Authentication to Your Android Apps with AWS Amplify

“The AWS Amplify Authentication modules provide Authentication APIs and building blocks for developers who want to create apps with real-world, production-ready user authentication. With Amplify you can incorporate username/password-based authentication as well as OAuth with Facebook, Google, or Amazon.”