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Our efforts to deliver inclusive growth and career opportunities to the community around us.

We love our community. They’ve been instrumental in our success. To give back, we invest and prioritize programs where our experience and expertise can help lift up others.


A community for software creators.

CoLabs is an open, inclusive tech and developer community that meets regularly to learn, network, and grow their skills together.

CoLabs meeting with folks working through code together


Support for events and programs in Detroit.

We offer financial support, volunteers, and space to organizations who service the Detroit community through alignment with Detroit Labs values and goals of software craftsmanship, industry innovation, and expanding the development community.


Accessible pathways to careers in tech.

We help you develop the knowledge and understanding to build practical products rooted around problems worth solving. It won’t take months and a huge investment. You’ll get insights, break down assumptions, and lay out a clear plan to deliver innovative solutions to the market.

Collage of Detroit Labs apprentices confessionals