Participants of a Design Sprint sharing ideas, looking for opportunities to add value to a product.

Design Sprints

Invest a week with your team. Leap months ahead.

Design sprints are the fastest way to answer your most critical business questions through design thinking, prototyping, and user testing — condensing months of work into five focused days.

What can I expect?

Over the course of a single week we’ll define challenges and scope for the week and then rapidly prototype and validate a solution with real users. It’s fast-paced, but incredibly insightful.

Participants of a Design Sprint collaborating, sharing ideas, and agreeing on a solution to be prototyped and tested with real users.
Day 1

As a group, we unpack assumptions of your business challenges, goals, and choose a target for the week’s efforts.

Day 2

We make decisions about what to prototype and test in front of users.

Day 3

We’ll rapidly build a high fidelity prototype based on decisions made in the previous days.

Day 4

We’ll put the prototype in front of real users and analyze their feedback to create clear next steps.

Day 5

We wrap up the week by going through the work completed and our findings.

Eliminate false starts and build the right product from the beginning. Gather decision-makers, collaborate, validate a new idea, or enhance an existing product. In one week you’ll have a prototype to sell an idea within your organization.

A high fidelity prototype created to quickly validate a Design Sprint solution with real test users, whose feedback will be invaluable.

What is the outcome?

By the end of the Design Sprint, your team will have a high-fidelity interactive prototype that has been tested on core users. Armed with data, you can confidently make a decision on whether your idea needs further vetting or if you’re ready to design and build.

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