A team-based staffing alternative.

You’re inundated with resumes, candidates aren’t qualified, and recruiters don’t understand your tech stack. Imagine if there was a less painful way to build your development team. Detroit Labs OnSite can help. Whether filling one specific position, building capacity, or investing in team training via our innovative Apprenticeship Program, OnSite has you covered.

How It Works

Success is all about the people. We know that you aren’t looking to find just anyone who can code. You’re looking for individuals to play an important role in the design, development, or management of your company’s software. Their work will reflect your brand, and will be used by the masses.

We don’t blast resumes or blanket job boards. After learning your needs, we recruit and vet candidates from our personal networks. Our in-depth cultural, technical, and practical interviews are meant to qualify candidates before being introduced to you. Because our OnSite team members are part of your team, we are committed to their ongoing personal and professional development.

The Details

OnSite careers include skills development on our end, check-in and feedback sessions with our Team Member Advocate, internal conferences, and other programs and activities we use to ensure a strong bond between Detroit Labs, the OnSite team member, and you.

Need to build a great team?

It’s about chemistry – we want to match the right people to the right roles. Let’s start a conversation and find the perfect match. Contact us today!