Open Source Software

We love solving problems, and open source software libraries allow us to spend more time solving difficult challenges and less time reinventing the wheel. Here are some libraries we’ve created and/or contribute to that we hope will benefit the community.


A compact Android utility for querying device accessibility settings.

An open source software project that lets you respectfully request feedback in your Android app.

Shake to send a bug report!

Easily notify a user with a simple alert, inform them of an optional update, and in dire situations block the user from accessing older versions of the application completely.

A Gradle plugin that helps facilitate GitHub PR checking and automatic commenting of violations.

A simple pinch-to-zoom ImageView library for Android.


An iOS Storyboard and Asset Manager.

A UIPresentationController and attendant classes for iOS to present a view controller pinned to the bottom of the screen like an action sheet.

Shake to submit a bug report (w/ screenshot) via email.

A library for determining the actual physical size of pixels on an iOS device.

LaunchGate makes it easy to let users know when an update to your app is available.

A small Swift framework to generate fonts with monospaced digits.

Device identification in Swift and Objective-C for iOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

A minimal API for iOS app settings.


Library of utilities to make mobile UI testing in Katalon Studio easier