We believe that helping individuals gain access to STEM education makes our community and world a better place to live. That’s why we prioritize our support of community initiatives in software, hardware, and inclusiveness in technology as it relates to growth and development of job-related skills.

Types of Events

Detroit Labs will consider sponsorship for events and programs that:

Address a community, social, or economic need

Align to the values and goals of Detroit Labs, particularly software craftsmanship, industry innovation, and expanding the development community

Occur within the United States

Support software development, hardware development, technology education, and/or diversity and inclusiveness programs in technology-related fields

Publish and enforce an event or program Code of Conduct

Event and program location in and around Detroit, MI is not a requirement for sponsorship consideration, but it helps.

Detroit Labs does not knowingly support or sponsor events and programs that are discriminatory based on sex, age, race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, gender identity, marital or family status, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law. Detroit Labs will immediately pull support for any event or program that is found to be discriminatory.

Types of Support

Detroit Labs supports events and programs in the following ways:



Direct financial contribution to a qualified organization. Note: donations must be made to a registered group or organization. We cannot give money directly to individuals.


Detroit Labs team members are able to provide mentoring, coaching, education, leadership, and event planning/coordination assistance. Note that volunteering of this nature is based on individual team member decision; we do not guarantee or promise volunteers, just provide a mechanism for your organization to ask.


Our space is available during non-business hours to hold events, meetups, and meetings. This includes A/V, Internet, PA systems, lights, power, heat, restroom, and kitchen access.

For Conference and Event sponsorship please include:

  • Event date(s) and location
  • Track information
  • Keynote speaker bios
  • Management bios for the conference team
  • Link to the official event code of conduct

For Program support please include:

  • Program summary
  • Program duration
  • Program goals and challenges
  • Location and target audience

Asking for help

Detroit Labs is not able to provide sponsorship and support to everyone that asks. To request sponsorship, please get in touch with a description or the event or program and the nature of support being requested.