Michigan First Credit Union

We partnered with Michigan First to build a world-class banking app, with a quick and secure way for their members to access and manage their accounts, loans and other financial products. Additionally, the new app experience helped accomplish the goal of decreasing the number of branch visits and phone calls, helping the Michigan First team free up resources.


For almost 100 years, Michigan First has provided personalized, high-quality service to its members, providing a warm welcome and financial guidance for anyone who comes into a branch.


Easily Accessible Data

Michigan First’s app users can turn on a quick balance feature that allows them to view the available balance right on the login screen. To add a layer of privacy since users aren’t authenticated, balances are only exposed while pressing the button. Releasing the button hides the balances again.



Check deposit is a standard feature on most mobile banking apps, but in Michigan First’s app, the entire transaction takes place on one screen. Having a multi-step deposit process take place on one screen allows the user to remain aware of the state of their transaction, right up to the point of submission. Users are able to easily reference and edit fields at any time prior to submission, creating a seamless experience.


Superb User Experience

Full-featured functionality in a banking app runs the risk of overwhelming the user, creating a confusing workflow that ultimately leads to a poor experience. Tasks that take many steps to accomplish in other banking apps feel like one step in our app since the user remains on the same screen during all selections.



We worked with Michigan First to improve secure login and the messaging process that existed between app users and the 365 Live call center team. It was important to transform the process into something that would feel familiar to users but also work efficiently on the representatives’ end.


Banking apps run the risk of being little more than an impersonal data dump. Sure, enrollment, deposits, and accounts are available, but without the helpful guidance of a friendly bank teller. There are a lot of services that customers need or want to use on the go, but delivering warmth, personality, and usability through a screen is a true challenge.

As avid users of banking apps, we knew there was an opportunity to create an experience that would balance superb customer service with full-featured functionality. We worked with Michigan First to create an experience that presented actions in a clean way, leaving room for the brand’s personality to shine through and providing the welcoming embrace that credit union customers know and love.