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Designing for Accessibility

Everyone involved in the production of software (developers, designers, QA, project manager, etc.) plays a role in its success and usability. This is also true for accessibility. There are standards for web accessibility, and the BBC has an excellent set of guidelines for the development of mobile and native websites


Monday Mobile Mashup 7.16.2018

Developers Journey: Anne Cahalan “In this episode, I interviewed Anne Cahalan. Anne is an iOS developer at Detroit Labs, where she is constantly delighted by the niftiness of Swift. Anne told us her story. From the Bootcamp she went to and the apprenticeship program she followed, up to her "moving


Monday Mobile Mashup 3.26.2018

Happy Monday! Here's our weekly Mobile Mashup filled with articles, tips, and insights we’ve found valuable throughout the mobile industry. Interested in getting more involved in our development community? Sign up to be a part of CoLabs, our community where participants can focus on: Continued learning Meetups Happy hours


Making Your Apps Accessible -- Retroactively!

We navigate so much of the world through our mobile devices, and people who rely on assistive technologies to use their smartphones are no exception. Unfortunately, many app developers don’t have the best track record when it comes to building fully accessible apps. Maybe they lacked the know-how or