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As Android developers, it’s our job to know the ins and outs of our tools. Most of the time this means knowing the best commands and shortcuts to get the job done. After polling the Detroit Labs Android developers, here are 12 of our favorite Android Studio commands:

Key Reference:

  • : Control
  • : Command
  • : Option
  • : Shift
  • How to use split screen: Right-click on the tab of your main screen and choose Split Vertically / Horizontally feature. To speed this up and make it easy every time you want to split the screen set up a shortcut, go to Preferences → Keymap and find Split Vertically. Open a context menu and then go to Add Keyboard Shortcut.
  • E shows you recent files
  • followed by searching using just the letters that appear in caps in the class name
  • o Opens a class
  • n o to fill in an override method
  • b to go to implementation
  • v goes to an Android studio-only clipboard of recent copies/cut text that you can select
  • g enables multi-cursor, which will select the next text that matches the first each time you click it, allowing you to select and alter groups of same named items
  • A toggle distraction free custom binding with d
  • Sync IntelliJ/Android Studio configurations across installs/machines