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Kotlin for Fun and Profit

As someone who has been working with Kotlin on the side for over a year, I’m super excited that it’s now officially supported for use on Android. I’d love to start using it to write client apps; however, I don’t work in a vacuumf, and I know that some of my colleagues have had much less exposure to Kotlin. Luckily, there’s widespread enthusiasm to learn more:

Still, it wouldn’t be wise or appropriate to ignore the minority who expressed net trepidation in the informal poll above. Taking a lead from Christina Lee’s Google I/O discussion on facilitating Kotlin adoption, my colleague Matt Olson and I recently gave a presentation at Detroit Labs titled “Kotlin For Fun And Profit” designed to highlight Kotlin’s benefits and provide assurances regarding Kotlin’s drawbacks:

As you can hear, our audience was super-engaged and asked a ton of great questions ☺️. I’ll be giving variants of this talk in the coming months, spreading the word far and wide 🙏, and I expect Kotlin to continue to inspire these levels of excitement and interest!