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Design sprint - Design

It starts with a problem.

You want customers to be able to buy your product faster. You want to connect databases so stakeholders can make clear business decisions. You have a vague idea of where you want to be next year and aren’t sure if software is the solution you need to get there.

The stakes are high, and getting your product to market is expensive. Step away from your work environment, bring a diverse slice of your team, and focus on your business challenge.

It’s not enough to have a good product. We’re here to help you map out the right product.

At Detroit Labs, we use design sprints–pioneered and proven at more than a hundred companies by Google–to answer your most critical business questions. We give you the space and tools, and facilitate a weeklong series of structured activities designed to define a testable and attainable goal, explore and choose a solution, then prototype and test that solution with real users to gain valuable insight and feedback.

Every sprint starts with a big challenge, a team of people, and an open calendar.

Tackle big challenges fast.

You’re in the weeds everyday at work, putting out fires, making micro decisions, and task switching. Spending time hyper-focused on one large challenge can be difficult and exhausting, especially if it involves herding stakeholders from different teams throughout the organization. A Product Design Sprint offers a quick, focused, fun, and effective means for testing new ideas, eliminating doubt, and leaping forward without a huge commitment.

Let us help you identify and flesh out new ideas, spark creative thinking, and bring people together in the service of a common goal, all while connecting everything back to your most important stakeholder: your customers. Whether your business is in e-commerce, logistics, quick-serve restaurants, health care, or something else entirely, we can help you uncover new opportunities, ideas, and answer the most important questions facing your business.