Staffing companies are great. They provide you with access to candidates and options to scale. Once you spend the time sifting through the many CVs, you interview, select your candidate, and the staffing company gladly takes your check and stands ready for your next need. But what if there was a better way? What if what you actually needed… was more out of your staffing company?  Here are three things your staffing company could be doing better for you: Listen to your needs. I am sure they are listening to you, don’t get me wrong. But are they thinking about more

Time is our biggest constraint. We can’t magically create more of it. It dictates what we do and often how we do it. In the case of software teams facing challenges delivering a new version of their app or a feature being heavily advertised by the marketing department, time looms heavily over all. So what do you do? You need to move faster. You try to create enough velocity amongst your existing team to reach the finish line in time. But if you’ve been in this position before, you know this isn’t sustainable. You need to scale your team. Adding the right

If you're reading this, you're most likely involved in building software products — which means that you're actually in the business of solving user experience problems. Solutions to UX problems are the foundation of any viable product, whether it's a problem your users already knew they had or one they didn't realize until you showed them a new path. And when building your product, few things are more important than an integrated product team that considers user experience from start to finish and all along the way. While user interface and user experience design are both core functions primarily initiated by

When you think of the makeup of a product team, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the three Ds: developers, delivery leads, designers? What about Quality Assurance (QA) Engineers — does your product team even have those at all, or are your QAs a tactical team that you send into action only when it’s time to get ready for production? There’s a better way to ship great products, and it starts with integrating quality assurance all along the way to understand the big picture for client needs, help with development strategy, and effectively manage business risk. The

On this episode of Labs Live, Dan and Tobi welcome Katrina and Jon, Quality Engineers at Detroit Labs. They discuss the role of Quality Assurance (QA) at Labs, the myth that the QA's job is to break things, and how QA's role leads to superior product experiences. Watch episodes of Labs Live and Subscribe on YouTube.   About Labs Live Labs Live is a stream hosted by Detroit Labs’ very own Dan Ward and Tobi Adebisi, where they bring on guests from the Labs team and our clients to talk about the latest in technology, software design and development, and whatever else comes to

When it comes to software, it's not always about what you should build… well, not at first, anyway.  An important, often overlooked first step is to figure out what not to build. This early process of elimination can help to identify a solution that is worth testing and investing in that also resonates with your users.  How do you start the process of elimination? There is one step we love to take during those initial brainstorming stages: Be the user. Be your user. Becoming your target audience will help you understand if your solution is usable or if it will cause so

We all have a boss, whether that be a direct manager, an executive, or your team. We are also never short on ideas both big and small. In order to make your idea a reality, you need buy-in from stakeholders, from your boss. We talked with Orchid Bertelsen, Head of Digital Innovation for Nestle USA, to talk about her role, how she assesses ideas, and the work it takes to sell them. Here are some ways to help you sell your next idea through: 1. Do the work. You may be a lovely person and liked by all, but you are not

WWDC 2020 is in the books! Not only was it the first fully streamed event, but it was one of the best WWDC events we’ve seen. The launch of iOS 14 was exciting and brought with it both new and overdue features.  Our favorite iOS 14 feature is App Clips. Here are three reasons why: 1. Apps meet you when you need them. App Clips are small (10MB) versions of larger apps. Think of it as a sample app before you download the real one. These clips are focused on one task: allowing users to quickly transact without heading to the App

On this episode of Labs Live, Dan and Tobi are joined by Bob Walters of Quicken Loans, who brought his experience, passion, and perspective on lending to the table. Bob discusses the challenges with today’s mortgage process and how to they’ve simplified it through process and technology. Bob Walters is the President and Chief Operating Officer for Quicken Loans Inc., where he oversees the day-to-day operations of the business, where he focuses on strategic planning and collaboration between the various operational teams at Quicken Loans. Transcript: Dan: All right. Welcome back to Labs Live. Tobi, how you doing? Tobi: Pretty good. Dan: Tobi, can we address the setup

It’s that special time of year, WWDC is here!  If you’re not familiar, we’re referring to Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference where they announce their new operating system (this year, iOS 14), new features (definitely), new technology (maybe), and some new hardware (possibly). As always, there are plenty of leaks flowing and rumors flying going into the keynote, but we never know what makes the cut until announcements are official.  So, if you’re not a developer, why should you care about WWDC 2020? Great question. You should care because it could be your chance to impress. New features fuel excitement, and if